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Arizona Property Legal Description – Quitclaim Deed

During the process of filling out the Arizona Quitclaim Deed Form, you will encounter the question of providing the “LEGAL DESCRIPTION” for your Arizona property.  Sometimes this can be a difficult stumbling block for completing the Form.

The best source for this information is from a previous document. Perhaps you have the closing papers from the sale of the property.

A few assumptions are being made and they are that you are at home on your computer and wish to expedite this issue as soon as possible without leaving the chair you are now sitting in. If you keep your legal documents at home, you probably can find a paper containing the Property Legal Description. If not and you have explored every source, you still have a few options available short of actually visiting the county seat.

The first thing I would do is find the county website and see if they have entered the modern world with internet access to their property database. This information is public and most larger counties provide a means of searching for an entire property profile. An alternative to this procedure would be to call a local Title Company and ask for their help. However, this could get frustrating involving many phone calls.

Most Arizona county recorder offices or county assessors offices do have an online database property search. This source makes obtaining the Property Legal Description very easy. If you are online, merely go to the appropriate web address URL and run a search. The better ones allow options of searching by name, address or parcel number.

We have compiled links to the Property Search pages ( where available ) for each Arizona County.


  1. Mohave county Property Search
  2. Coconino County Property Search
  3. Navajo county Property Search
  4. Apache County Property Search
  5. Yavapai county Property Search
  6. La Paz county Property Search
  7. Maricopa county Property Search
  8. Gila county Property Search
  9. Yuma county Property Search ( use the Click Here button )
  10. Pinal county Property Search ( Click OK button, bottom of page )
  11. Graham county Property Search
  12. Greenlee county Property Search
  13. Pima county Property Search
  14. Santa Cruz county Property Search
  15. Cochise county Property Search

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